Waterfall & Autumn Leaves

Where?: Rhein Falls (southern bank with Schloss Laufen)
Prices: CHF 5 per person

It was early in the morning. The sun wasn’t up yet and it was very foggy. I sat in the car being on my way to Switzerland – again. In these past weeks I learned to love that country eventhough I just have been there once before. It’s like all my sorrows fly away as soon as I cross the border. Unfortunatly I get them back when I come back to Germany.

But that shouldn’t be of any interest at the moment. I was on the way to the Rhein Falls. I read a lot of them in several tourist guides. But like people always say: the best impression of something you get when you see it in person.

There are two sides to access the Rhein Falls – from the northern bank or from the southern bank. I chose the southern bank with Schloss Laufen. Thinking back it was the right decision. But I have to say that I don’t know how the nothern bank is.
It was already the end of November. That means that booking a boat trip wasn’t possible. To me that didn’t matter because I could see the Rhein Falls anyway.

After buying a ticket in the souvenir shop I was ready to start. To go to the adventure trail had to go through the yard of Schloss Laufen.

 On the adventure trail I came over several staircases to different platforms to see the falls from different perspectives.

There also is a way through a cave to a platform. From this platform I could have touched the water. I didn’t do it though.

When I reached the bottom platform I had the feeling that I was standing in the Rhein Falls. That was a whole new experience.

The experience of coming that close to the falls also had its downsides. It was really loud so that it was nearly impossible to hear anything but this volume of water. The other thing is that it can get really wet.

Later I got back to Schloss Laufen with the panoramic lift. There I visited the exhibition which is called Historama. On two floors there can be seen the history of the Rhein Falls and Schloss Laufen.
There is a special order in which you see the different rooms. The portraits in every room do tell their story. Additional information can be read on the walls.

I never had an experience like that. But I’m sure when every exhibition would be like that there won’t be any boring ones.
For all who like to go hiking I can recommend the hiking trails all around that area.

I chose a trail following the river. It’s such a beautiful area and in autumn it’s a picturesque place as the photo proves.


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