Hostel Review: Base Auckland

When I first came to Auckland in April I already knew where I would stay for the first few nights.

According to a description in the internet the Airport Express has a stop directly in front of Auckland’s Base hostel which comes in handy when coming to Auckland for the very first time.

Basic Data

Name: Base Backpackers Auckland Central



I was pretty impressed by the security measures as I don’t know those from other hostels. The room card is the one which fives the guest access to the floor the room is in and to no other. An exeption is the sixth floor where the bar is. There everyone has access.

Another thing are the lockers under the beds. To secure some personal stuff only a padlock is needed. I used the one I normally have on my trunk but also borrowing at the reception for a little fee is possible.


What I didn’t like at all in this hostel were the bathrooms. Especially the showers aren’t a good memory. It was impossible or at least very difficult to keep the clothes dry.


I know that being on the road it can get late at times when finally reaching the destination. A hostel where it’s possible to check-in in the middle of the night comes quite handy. At Base Auckland is a 24 hour reception. The friendly staff will be glad to help no matter what time it is.

Nowadays everyone takes at least a moblie phone to places all around the world. To have enough plugs for recharging is therefore essential when it comes to overnight stays. Luckily in this hostel not only the rooms but also the lounge and reception areas are full of plugs. So nobody has to worry about not being able to charge their device.

Something Else

Here I would like to say something about the location. The hostel is directly at Queen Street which means everthing in Central Auckland is in walking distance. What else can you ask for when being on a short stay in Auckland?


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