Thinking of: Travelling the own country

I lived abroad for some month now and I also traveled some time through the country. During that time I always stay at a hostel to meet other travellers. It is always great to listen to all their stories. One day we talked about a topic I never gave much thought.

This topic was that most people know foreign countries better than their own. Most people tend to go abroad and explore foreign countries and along the way somewhere they remember that they don’t know much of the country they are from. They are always saying that they will start travelling their country as soon as they go back home. But at the same moment they are planning a long journey in a country far away from their home.

During those conversations I was always wondering whether something went wrong in my life. After school I never came to the idea of traveling before starting to work or to study. More than one or two days I basically never left the country even though I always wanted to know what’s beyond the horizon.

But I know Germany. When I was a child my parents used to shoo my brother and me up every mountain along the Weinstraße. We did daytrips to several cities. I lived in Brunswick for some time before I started studying in the Black Forest. Except for Bavaria I know Germany pretty well I would say. But I don’t know any other countries. I want to make up for that now.

Now it’s your turn:

  • Do you know other or your own country better?
  • Do you want to change anything about it?

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