Taking a walk – in a way

I was facinated when I first saw a documentary film about it in TV and I immideatly wanted to travel to Toronto, Canada, to do an Edgewalk. To Toronto I haven’t been yet. But I came to Auckland where it’s possible to do a Skywalk what is the same as the Edgewalk.

For getting a walk to that time you want it’s recommended to prebook via Internet, phone or by going to the Skytower. Especially in summer when there always is the right weather to go on that walk and basically lots of tourists want to do a Skywalk it is definately mandetory to prebook.
I went on a day nobody could be sure that it won’t start raining any minute into the Skytower and just asked when there is the next free place. 15 minutes later it started.

For the Skywalk you need to change into a jumpsuit. Just put it above your clothing. Jewllery and other things that could fall have to be placed into lockers. Glasses are the big exception. They simply get a stripe to make sure you don’t loose them.

With the elevator you go to the 53. floor which is 192 m above the ground. And the great thing about the elevator is that it has windows. So you can see the city getting smaller.
On top of tower you get connected to the security system before the walk on the runway around the tower starts.
A little sightseeing tour as well as some challenges are included.

When you choose to do the Skywalk you also get a voucher for the platform on the 51. floor. It’s only valid for the day of the walk. From there you can see everything once


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