Simply falling

In the end of April of the beginnig of March I was asked for the first time if I wanted to do it. My clear answer was ’no‘ and I totally meant that. I believed that nothing in the world can make me jump out of a flying plane.
In the end of May I was certain that I couldn’t leave New Zealand without doing a Skydive. So I immedialtely put that plan into action before I could think about too much.

In New Zealand you have the opportunity to do a Skydive and I’m sure that the view is worth it everywhere. I decided on Skydive Taupo because it was recommended to me by a lot people.
An additional plus: Taupo is such an ideal place that you can see at 15000 ft when the sky is clear not only the ocean to both sides of the country but also Auckland. When I did my Skydive the sky wasn’t clear. So I couldn’t see it all. What a pitty.

When you want to be sure that you can do a Sykydive when you planned to do it you should make an appointment via Internet. I think especially in summer it’s a good idea as there’re much more people who want to do a Skydive than in Winter.

A factor you can’t controll is the weather. Unfortunately it’s the factor that says if you can do a Skydive or not. When there are too many clouds or it even rains there is not a chance to do one. That you’re not motivated enough with a weather like that adds on to that.
I did my Skydive when it was sunny with a few clouds. But it was a day later as I originally intended because the day before was full of clouds and the promise of rain.
To avoid to drive to the airport for nothing you better call half an hour before your time to do the Skydive to make sure you can actually do it.

A great extra service is that you get picked-up from Rotorua or Taupo. That way you don’t need to find your own way to the airport. For people like me who are reliable on the bus it’s a great thing.

I decided not to tell too many people what I wanted to do. That’s because most of them would have told me that it wasn’t a good idea to do. Only my brother I told about it before and he would have loved to come with me.
Just in case it’s a good idea to have one person knowing about it. You have to name a person who’s to call in case of an emergancy. And if this person doesn’t know anything it’s not good.
Directly after my Skydive I informed everyone about it and they think I’m crazy because of actually doing it.

Being at the airport means to choose the hight of the Skydive (12000 ft or 15000 ft) and some additional services if you like. Just a Skydive is fine as well.

When everyone decided on a Skydive or a package security is a big topic. They show a video about how it all will take place and what to do to ensure that nothing goes wrong.
The most important aspects the tandemmaster will go through with you again.

After getting through every point from above it’s finally time to get into the plane. Once inside there’s no way back..

I decided on the Full Monty package. That includes beside a Skydive from 15000 ft basically everything that can be bought in addition. It’s the biggest and most expensive package. But that definately was worth it. I thought that I needed a decant souvenir when I jump out of a flying plane once in my life.
I was pretty excited. Especially when I climbed into the plane. I hate the starts of planes but I was surprised that this one wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.
Ich war froh, nicht als erste zu springen. So konnte ich dabei zusehen, wie andere starten. Das sieht echt witzig aus. Flup und weg sind sie. Leider funktioniert das bei dem eigenen Start nicht so. Da nimmt die Nervosität nämlich noch einmal um einiges zu. Und dann fällt man einfach nur. Es ist ein ziemlich komisches Gefühl. Man hat nämlich nicht das Gefühl der Erde auch nur ein Stück näher zu kommen.
About a minute after exiting the plane all was over and the glider was open. Exactly that was the time that I enjoyed the environment and looked around for the first time. Getting back to the ground goes faster than I expected.
Now I know how great it is to do a Skydive and I really would love to do it again.


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