Visiting Bilbo Baggins

Even before I came to New Zealand I made a list of things I really wanted to do while being there. Hobbiton found its way very early onto that list. That’s because I really, really wanted to do it. In the end of August on a very sunny saturday I finally made my way there.

For all those who have a car it’s great. There’s a big parking lot and all tours start from there before goning to the village. Who doesn’t have a car – just like me – takes a bus to Matamata. The tour starts from the i-Site.
For example Intercity is offering day trips from Auckland and Rotorua to Hobbiton. But also Hop-on Hop-off networks like Stray is offering trips to Hobbiton. The negative aspect with those bus networks is that it takes longer than a day.

I took the Intercity to Matamata and there I jumped on the Hobbiton bus to make the tour. On the way there the beautoful environment of Matamata is something you come along and the driver is talking a little bit about the town and about what’s happening all around it.
On the parking lot the guide who’s showing the groups around the village gets collected. And than the bus drives on to the farm where Hobbiton is placed on. The bus stopps at the entrance of the village which is a little away from the parking lot. On the way there the bus driver tells some things like why Hobbiton is exactly on that farm and how it became a tourist attraction.

On this tour you go through this pretty little village. Every door is different and the gardens were made with such a love to detail.
The guide gives lots of information about the time of building it all and about the filming period. Most of those facts you can only get on this tour – that’s at least what they say.
For taking photos you always get enough time. That way you can first listen to the facts of the guide. That way you have both – a photo to show and some information – when you tell your family all about it.

The tour pretty much ends the the pub The Green Dragon. There you get a drink for free and the stay there is little longer what gives everyone more than enough time to enjoy the atmosphere.
In the pub is also an opportunity to order some food.

When you want to buy a little piece to remember you can do that when the bus reaches the paking lot again. There is a souvenir shop which sells all things imaginable to remember a great day.


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