In black and white

I’m long enough in Macau to finally visit the Giant Panda Pavillon. On the day I arrived here when I studied the tourist map that place attracted my attention. I knew I had to go there.
On a rainy day I made my way there together with a small group of fellow-students. It was so cold that day and we all were wearing lots of layers to keep warm.

As we arrived there we found out that it’s a little park in which there are also birds and monkeys. Even hiking on several routes of different lengths is possible. But the entrance fee is only paid for the Giant Panda Pavillon. And there also is a Souvenirshop in which you can buy lots of Giant Panda themed stuff.

Entrance Fee: MOP 10
Homepage: Giant Panda Pavillon

The Giant Panda Pavillon has an area inside and one outside. Two Giant Pandas are living in those separatly from each other. You also get informed about the names, birth dates and characteristics of the two inhabitants.

Another part of the park is the museum which has as the main topic the Giant Panda. Who would have thought that? Here you get reminded again of the two inhabitants of the Pavillon and you can read through the information about them again. An addition to that you also can get more information about the Giant Panda in gerneral, like their general attributes, their natural habitats and their upbringing. You also get information about protection programs.


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