I was born in April 1988 near Hamburg, Germany. There I grew up and only left the city for my studies in the black forest. At the moment I’m in Macau at home.


Since 2009 I use my penname Victoria Fairy for activities in the internet. This blog is no exception. I came to that name through my nickname Wicked.


I love learning languages. in school I never missed the opportunity to learn a new one. The result of that is that i can speak little bits of several languages but none of them enough to have an actual conversation. That’s too bad.

Books are my greatest hobby. I have one always with me to make sure I can read whenever i get bored. I still read less than most people would think. At home I barely read. There I love to write my own stories.

I’m pretty tall what means that I have massive problems to find clothes in my size. The easy solution for that problem is to sew my own stuff. I like to do that.

And I love bags. There I don’t have the problems with the sizes. Still they never are like I want them. That’s why I sew these as well. I also design some parts of them to make them fit my needs even more. And I also sold some of them.


I started blogging to the same time I started with the name Victoria. My first blog had a very similar topic as this one. But after two years I closed it. The reasons for that I don’t know any more.
But I know that I missed blogging. First I only opened a blog for my writing. That wasn’t enough and after some hesitation I opened this blog.